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StoneTree Law
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Calgary Law Offices

Stonetree Law is a law firm with two locations in Calgary, Alberta. Our lawyers specialize in a range of practice areas from family law and divorces to employment and litigation, and beyond. At Stonetree Law, clients come first. Our team of experienced Calgary lawyers are committed to understanding your unique situation and help you acheive your goals. Whether tirelessly advocating for you at trial or effectively negotiating a settlement, your interests always come first. Our experienced and dedicated Calgary lawyers represent clients throughout Alberta

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South Calgary Head Office

Suite 102, 10820 24 Street S.E.

Calgary, Alberta T2Z 4C9

North Calgary Office

Suite 6, 400 Crowfoot Crescent N.W.

Calgary, Alberta T3G 5H6

Tel: 403.537.2557   |   Fax: 403.537.2558   |   reception@stonetreelaw.com

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