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Criminal law 

Have you been arrested and need representation? Do you have questions about Criminal law? We can help you with:

  • impaired driving (DUI); 

  • criminal driving;

  • domestic violence;

  • assault;

  • violent offences; 

  • drug offences; 

  • traffic offences; 

  • youth offences;

  • sexual offences; and 

  • pardons and record suspense

Here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about Criminal Law:

QUESTION: Should I ever refuse to blow if I am pulled over for a check stop? 


No! Refusing to blow is a criminal offence and carries the same mandatory minimum penalties as a conviction for impaired driving or blowing over the limit. 

QUESTION: If I have nothing to hide, should I tell the police everything if I am arrested? 


There is absolutely no benefit to telling the police anything and you have no obligation to provide any information. Always contact a lawyer prior to talking to the police. 

QUESTION: What do I do if my employee has committed a criminal offence? 


You have no obligation to report your employee to the police. Criminal law does not punish you if you omit to report. 

Likewise, employees do not have an obligation to tell their employers that they have been charged with a criminal offence unless required by their employment contract or governing body. 

QUESTION: Can my child's locker be searched without a court warrant? 


A warrant is not necessary for a locker search because there is less expectation of privacy in a school setting. However, administration needs to have reasonable grounds to believe that there is evidence in the locker of a breach of school regulations, and the search must be carried out in a reasonable manner. 

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